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About Pinellas Primary


Pinellas Primary Academy is a tuition free charter school for students grade Kindergarten through 4th grade. However, currently we enroll K-3 (our sister school, Pinellas Prep enrolls grade 4-8). Our charter states we will have a 4th grade and therefore we are assessing the needs of our current students to determine when a 4th grade may be added. When we add a 4th grade, we will post it on our website and inform all 3rd grade parents of the addition. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and creative environment for motivated students, where together they can rise to their potential. We are located at 2300 S. Belcher Rd., Largo, Florida.

Pinellas Primary Academy (PPA, Jr.) is an extension of Pinellas Preparatory Academy (PPA), which began teaching students in 2002 and offers grades 4-8.  PPA, Jr. opened in August 2011. 

PPA, Jr. is centered around five key principles: 
  • Nurturing - One of the keys to our success will be the small school environment. We will never grow to be more than 332 students.  We believe in building strong relationships between our staff, students and families.  We believe that open lines of communication between teachers and families is essential to helping students succeed.
  • Creative - We believe that students need to learn to think not just memorize. We believe that 21st century skills of creating, analyzing and producing are essential skills for our students.  We provide a thematic approach to education where students are taught holistically through guiding questions and projects, rather than through subject area time blocks.  Students need to be allowed to express and nurture their creativity and be allowed to demonstrate their understanding and mastery in unique ways. 
  • Motivated - We believe that effort is more important than intelligence. Students must be eager and willing to put forth the effort it will take to actively engage in their education.  Teachers provide engaging lessons and many opportunities for students to become engaged throughout the lessons, and expect that students will give their best effort. 
  • Together - Together we can achieve more, and we believe that students need to participate in cooperative learning regularly.  We believe that students learn best by being actively engaged in their lessons, and therefore working cooperatively with their peers is essential to mastery of skills at PPA, Jr.  We do more than just ask students to get together in a group; we teach the students the skills they will need in order to be able to work together effectively with their peers. 
  • Potential - We believe that every student is capable of learning and growth.  We believe it is our job to get to know each individual student, and find ways to ensure they are meeting their own potential. 

Links To Other Information Pages about Pinellas Primary Academy: 

To learn more about Pinellas Primary Academy, we encourage you to look through this website, and call our school to sign up for a tour. You can contact us by email Karna Fulling at or by calling 727-536-3600 ext. 2210.